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Announcements for the week of January 10, 2021


Spring 2021 Refunds

January 22 is the last business day to cancel spring registration and receive a 100% refund (Withdrawal/Cancellation Form required); January 24 is the last day to cancel registration via Self-Service and receive a 100% refund. The refund schedule for Spring 2021 can be found on the Registrar's website

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Spring 2021 Part of Term A Registration Deadlines

January 29 is the last day to add a Part of Term A course via Self-Service or drop a Part of Term A course and receive a refund if reducing assessment range; and to submit a form to elect to audit a Part of Term A course.

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Spring 2021 10th Day Registration Deadlines

By the 10th Day of Classes, February 5, graduate students should be correctly registered for Spring 2021. It is important to check your registration before this date on Self Service to make sure your registration is correct. February 5 is the last day to submit a form to elect to audit a semester course, the last day to submit a form to elect to register "in Absentia," the last day to add a semester course via Self-Service, and the last day to drop a semester course and receive a refund if reducing assessment range.

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Funding and Fellowships

Boren Fellowships Deadline Approaching

Are you a graduate student interested in language study, research abroad & public service? There is still time to apply for a Boren Fellowship! Boren Awards promote linguistic & cultural immersion in specific world regions in combination with public service, & welcome applications from any field. The program allows students who are US citizens to conduct research & study languages in regions critical to US national security interests. Applications are due January 27. 

Dana Johnson • Graduate College Office of External Fellowships

Illinois Innovation Prize ($20,000) Nomination Open

The Illinois Innovation Prize for $20,000 is awarded annually to a creative and passionate student working towards solutions that could have a positive societal impact. Innovations developed as a response to the global pandemic are encouraged as this illustrates the power of innovation during times of ambiguity and uncertainty. Students must be nominated by a faculty member, mentor, or advisor. https://tec.illinois.edu/programs/iip

Stephanie Larson • Technology Entrepreneur Center

 This opportunity is available online.

Health and Wellness

Weekly update on COVID-19 from Chancellor Jones

Chancellor Robert J. Jones provides university updates, announcements and resources from the past week. Please note that inorder to participate in on-campus activities, it is required that all students receive two negative on-campus test results, no sooner than three days apart between January 15 - 24. 

Chancellor Robert J. Jones • Office of the Chancellor

Orange and Blue Zone (OBZ)

OBZ is an 8-week wellness program providing students with personal training (in-person or web-based), campus recreation group fitness pass, instructional cooking classes, weekly physical activity, and nutrition challenges along with one-on-one wellness coaching sessions. Registration is opened now through Monday, February 5th for the first 10 participants at $75. Participants may register in person at ARC Member Services when facilities are open for operation or online on the Campus Recreation OBZ website.

February 10–April 9 • Times will be determined based on participants availability

Alexis King • Campus Recreation - Student Wellness

 This opportunity is available online.

Career and Professional Development

Faculty Job Search: Interviews

What is a faculty interview actually like? What sorts of questions will I be asked? How should I talk about my research and teaching? What do I do if there are technical problems? Get answers to these questions and more as you learn the basics of the first-round faculty interviews. This workshop will be broadcast online at https://go.grad.illinois.edu/eventspace.

January 13, 12–1 pm • Online

Student Success • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Last Chance to Register for Career Exploration Group!

Are you contemplating new career possibilities? Unsure if your desired path is the right fit? Join the Career Exploration Group! The group is a collaborative space for grad students and postdocs who want to find out more about their options. Participants work with an advisor through a guided process of discovery to help them identify, research, and evaluate career paths that align with their skills, interests, and values. The group is primarily discussion-based but also includes a mixture of self-assessments and reflection activities. Registration required.

January 14–21, 3:30–5 pm • Group will meet three times • Online

Career Development • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Save the Date for Job Search Support Group!

Are you starting a job search this spring? In need of a fresh start on your current search? You're not the only one! The Job Search Support Group is an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs to share experiences, ask questions, and bounce ideas off both peers and career advisors. The group will meet every other Thursday throughout the spring. Participants who attend the first meeting will help direct and guide discussion topics for future sessions. No registration is required, and participants can join at any time. Come to one, some, or all meetings!

First Meeting: February 4, 4:00-5:30 PM • Online

Career Development • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Research and Teaching

Writers Workshop Winter Break Writing Groups

Start the New Year the "write" way! Join the Writers Workshop for sustained writing in the company of your colleagues from across the disciplines. Our virtual writing group aims to provide community and accountability. Each session begins with a short conversation about goals and ends with a wrap-up of accomplishments. Our Winter Break Writing Groups will be held Monday & Wednesday, 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST, from January 11 - 20. Please visit our calendar to register in advance. 

Carolyn Wisniewski • Writers Workshop

 This opportunity is available online.

Writers Workshop Resources for Your Students

As you prepare your courses for the upcoming semester, please note that the Writers Workshop can support your students in a variety of ways. Beginning January 27, students can schedule an online consultation to receive feedback on their writing. Instructors may copy or adapt this syllabus statement to inform students about the Writers Workshop. The Workshop can provide tailored presentations for your courses by request, and we offer presentations throughout the semester about common academic writing concerns. Visit our calendar for more information about upcoming events.

Carolyn Wisniewski • Writers Workshop

 This opportunity is available online.


Spring 2021 Student Sustainability Committee Member Application

Interested in learning more about sustainability and encouraging students to make a difference in the community? The Student Sustainability Committee is seeking undergraduate and graduate students interested in joining the committee members for the 2021 Spring Semester. This is an opportunity to learn more about why sustainability is essential, get involved in the community, and gain experience as a voting member for funding projects. To apply, please complete the application using this link or using the QR code link to follow these steps. 

Applications due January 29.

Student Sustainability Committee • Student Engagement

 This opportunity is available online.

Upcoming Events

Just Infrastructures Speakers Series: “What is Media Manipulation”

Just Infrastructures announces its inaugural Speaker Series with Joan Donovan, Research Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy at Harvard University, presenting “What is Media Manipulation?” on February 3, 2021. The event is on Zoom from noon - 1 p.m. CST. Find more information and register for the event at just-infras.illinois.edu.

February 3, 12–1 pm • Continues through Spring 2021, see website for full schedule • Zoom

Anita Chan • Grainger College of Engineering, CS Dept., iSchool, Community Data Clinic

 This opportunity is available online.

Call for Proposals: 11th EU Studies Regional Conference

The European Union Center invites graduate students to submit proposals for presentations at its 11th EU Studies Regional Conference (“Community, Immunity, and the Limits of Mobility), which will be held online April 15 - 17, 2021. We welcome presentations on research on any topic relevant to EU studies. Proposals for traditional 15-min presentations, roundtables, and 5-min dissertation presentations are due February 1, 2021. Learn more here. Those who would like to attend the conference but not present must register by April 1, 2021. 

Sydney Lazarus • European Union Center

The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II to speak at the 2021 MLK celebration

Join us for this year's celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “Rising Together: Facing the Challenges of Tomorrow Today.” Keynote will be the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, President & Senior Lecturer of Repairers of the Breach and Co-Chair of the Poor People’s Campaign, who will speak live from North Carolina. Watch online at https://go.illinois.edu/mlk2021.

January 17, 3 pm • Livestream

Elizabeth Tsukahara • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

 This opportunity is available online.