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Announcements for the week of October 18, 2020


Fall 2020 Degree List Deadline

Sunday, October 25, is the last day for students to add themselves to the December 2020 degree list via Student Self Service. It is also the last day for departments to add students not able to add themselves. If you intend to graduate in December, you must be on the degree list.

Matthew Abbott • Graduate College Administration

Fall 2020 Upcoming Registration Deadline

October 23 is the last day to add a Part of Term B course online via Self-Service, or to drop a Part of Term B course for refund if reducing assessment range; and to submit a form to elect to audit a Part of Term B course.

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Fall 2020 Curriculum Changes

October 23 is the last day to change your curriculum for the current term. This includes adding or dropping a campus approved minor or concentration. Please check your student program information in Self-Service to verify your program information is listed correctly. Information on how to change your curriculum is available online

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Funding and Fellowships

Writing Personal Statements for Funding Proposals

Many funding agencies require a personal statement in addition to an applicant’s research proposal. Why?! What on earth are you supposed to talk about? If these questions have induced writer’s block, this workshop is for you. We will assess the range of personal statement prompts you may encounter and distill their shared essence. Participants will learn the qualities of a compelling statement and practice writing techniques to arrive at a complete first draft. Register for the link to join this online workshop. 

October 26, 11 am–1 pm

Dana Johnson • Graduate College Office of External Fellowships

 This opportunity is available online.

ThinkSwiss Scholarships for Research in Switzerland

The Embassy of Switzerland offers short-term scholarships to US graduate students who wish to conduct research at a Swiss university or research institution. Scholarships offer up to three months of support, and students in any field, and with any citizenship/nationality, are welcome to apply. See the ThinkSwiss listing in the Fellowship Finder database for details.  Applications are due January 15, 2021.

Office of External Fellowships • Graduate College - Office of External Fellowships

Boren Fellowships Information Session

Graduate students interested in language study (in combination with research, if desired) are invited to attend an online information session on Boren Fellowships. Boren Awards promote linguistic & cultural immersion in specific world regions in combination with public service, & welcome applications from any field. The program allows students who are US citizens to conduct research & study languages in regions critical to US national security interests. This session will feature Jeff Cary, Outreach & Recruitment Manager for the Boren Awards. 

November 4, 12–1 pm

Dana Johnson • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Apply by Nov. 23 for Postdoctoral Fellowships at the Beckman Institute

The Beckman Institute will offer two postdoctoral fellow programs in 2021. These programs offer a unique opportunity for scholars to engage in a three-year fellowship of interdisciplinary research at the Beckman Institute. Learn more about eligibility and access application materials online. The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. (CST) on Monday, Nov. 23.

Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Beckman Institute postdoctoral fellows program • Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Smithsonian Institution / Big Ten - Dissertation Research Fellowship

The Smithsonian partners with the Big Ten Academic Alliance to offer 1-year residential fellowships for graduate students in all fields of study used by the museums and research centers of the Smithsonian. Fellows will have access to the Smithsonian’s extensive collections and receive assistance from an SI advisor. Fellowships include a $40,000 stipend, tuition coverage, health insurance benefits, and a relocation allowance. For details, visit the Smithsonian/Big10 posting in the Fellowship Finder database.

Applications are due November 1, 2020

Office of External Fellowships • Graduate College - Office of External Fellowships

Health and Wellness

Free Webinar - Conscious Credit

In the ever-changing credit market, how do you reconcile what you hear about credit to find accurate, credible information to help you make ethical and conscious borrowing decisions? This webinar explores the role of a responsible borrower, myths and facts about credit, and how building a positive credit profile can have lasting impacts on your overall financial well-being. Registration required.

November 11, 12 pm

Student Money Management Center • University of Illinois System Student Money Management Center

 This opportunity is available online.

Grads UNWIND | Coping with COVID

Grads UNWIND (Understanding Wellness IN Discussions), a workshop series focused on mental health and self-care in graduate school, is excited to host Dr. Tara Powell, Associate Professor in the School of Social Work. Dr. Powell will speak on Coping with COVID. She will discuss wellness management in the midst of graduate school and the COVID-19 pandemic.

October 21, 5:30–6:30 pm • Zoom

Leila Shinn • Grads UNWIND

 This opportunity is available online.

Active Aging: Using Exercise to Maintain Health Across the Lifespan

Wondering how active you should be during your lifespan? Should we all be running a 5k every morning or is it enough to go on a 10-minute walk? Join kinesiology graduate student, Shelby Keye, to learn about the current physical activity guidelines for all ages and how they can be beneficial for you. Learn more and register here.

October 21, 12–1 pm • Zoom webinar

Kelsey Hassevoort • Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute

 This opportunity is available online.

Weekly update on COVID-19 from Chancellor Jones

Chancellor Robert J. Jones provides university updates, announcements and resources from the past week. 

Chancellor Robert J. Jones • Office of the Chancellor

Career and Professional Development

Values-Based Career Decision-Making

Success and satisfaction in your career (during and beyond grad school) depends on making sure your work is aligned with what really matters to you. But how well do you know what that is? This interactive workshop will guide you through the process of identifying your core values and using them to calibrate your work so you feel fulfilled in the near- and long-term. You'll leave equipped to more effectively assess opportunities and make better decisions going forward.

October 22, 4–5 pm • Online

Student Success • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Faculty Job Interviews: Tools for Prep & Practice

The Graduate College has launched a new tool to help you practice for faculty interviews. The tool lets you record your answers to common faculty interview questions, then view yourself or send to others for feedback. Read about how to access this new tool here. You can also schedule an appointment for individual career advising to strategize and practice before interviews. Learn how to schedule an advising appointment here

Career Development • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Career Advising for Grad Students & Postdocs

Graduate College Career Development advisors understand the challenges and opportunities that grad students and postdocs face in job search and career exploration. We can help you explore new career paths, work on application materials, prep for interviews, negotiate offers, and more. You'll meet one-on-one with an advisor who can offer individualized support, guidance, and feedback as you plan your next steps. Learn more about how to make an appointment here.

Career Development • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Research Park Graduate Student Networking Event

We invite all graduate students to connect with Research Park companies hiring graduate-level talent. The event will begin with some experiences and insights from current/past Research Park graduate interns and then attendees will get to meet with individual companies.

October 27, 4–5:30 pm • Registration required

Jenny Kim • Research Park

 This opportunity is available online.

Thesis Tips

Tips for Preparing Your Thesis Deposit

If you are planning to deposit your thesis this semester, here are a few tips to  get a head start! 1) Review our Deposit Checklist, which outlines the steps you need to take in order to deposit. 2) Doctoral students: complete your required surveys! 3) Make sure to add your name to the degree list through Self-Service (the deadline to do this is October 25!).

Emily Wuchner • Graduate College Thesis Office

For Postdocs

Apply now to use Blue Waters supercomputer in 2021

Blue Waters, one of the world's most powerful computing systems, is located at Illinois. Last year more than 16 million node-hours were allocated to projects from our campus. Each node has many powerful cores, providing faculty and staff significant computing power. Proposals for computing time for the 2021 calendar year are now being accepted; the deadline to submit is Nov. 2, 2020. Making final computing awards contingent upon continued funding from National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. We anticipate 2021 being final year of operation for Blue Waters system. More info at the above link.

Barbara Jewett • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Research and Teaching

Data Management Plan (DMP) Review

Working on a grant application that requires a DMP? Need some help in a time crunch? The Research Data Service offers fast, free, and confidential feedback on draft DMPs. Contact us at researchdata@library.illinois.edu. 

Hoa Luong • Research Data Service, University Library

Beckman Hosts Online Seminar on Human Subjects Research

Student researchers and postdocs are encouraged to register for the next Responsible Conduct of Research seminar sponsored by the Beckman Institute. Dustin Yocum, human subjects research senior manager in the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects, will discuss human subjects research. Registration is required for Zoom access.

October 20, 12 pm • Online

Patty Jones • Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

 This opportunity is available online.

Writers Workshop Grad Productivity Writing Groups

Looking for a productivity boost? Join the Writers Workshop for sustained writing in the company of your colleagues from across the disciplines. Our virtual writing group aims to provide community and accountability. Each session begins with a short conversation about goals and ends with a wrap-up of accomplishments. Our Fall Semester writing groups will be held on Zoom every Friday and every other Monday and Tuesday. Please visit our calendar to register in advance. 

Online (Zoom)

Carolyn Wisniewski • Writers Workshop

 This opportunity is available online.

Writing a Literature Review

The Writers Workshop will discuss the literature review's purpose and provide tips for writing an effective one, either as a stand-alone piece or part of a larger project. Writers from any discipline are welcome. This presentation will be most useful to advanced undergraduate and graduate writers. This event will be held through Zoom; please visit our calendar to register by 11:59pm CST on 10/19.

October 20, 4–5 pm • Online (Zoom)

Carolyn Wisniewski • Writers Workshop

 This opportunity is available online.

Workshop: Making Searchable PDFs Using OCR

Mark your calendars and register for a Savvy Researcher workshop on optical character recognition (OCR). Searchable PDFs can make research faster and easier, and making them is easy when you use OCR software. As a result of this workshop, you will be able to identify which OCR software is suitable for your needs and to use the central features of two OCR software. Check out the full Savvy Researcher calendar for workshops addressing a variety of advanced research needs across disciplines.

Scholarly Commons • Scholarly Commons, Main Library

 This opportunity is available online.

Arts and Culture

An Evening with Shereen Marisol Meraji

Join us for an interactive Q&A on civic engagement, culture, identity, leadership, and current events. Shereen is an award-winning journalist and co-host of NPR's hit postcast Code Switch. The link will be active a few minutes before the event to allow people to join the livestream.

October 19, 7 pm • Map

David Mizell • Illini Union Board

 This opportunity is available online.

Bring Your Own BookClub +

We're back with a new edition of Bring Your Own Book Club! This time around we're talking about books about racial justice! Hosted by the Residence Hall Libraries and the UGL, come together with others and discuss the books you've been reading recently. Not into books? No problem! We want to hear about TV shows, movies or documentaries that got you thinking!Need help looking for a book? 

October 21, 6 pm • Online

Simone Stone • Library

 This opportunity is available online.

A Panel Discussion about the 2020 Presidential Election

Illinois faculty will draw on their multidisciplinary research to provide insights on how current events are shaping our approach to democracy and political divisiveness. The panelists (Scott Althaus, Chadly Stern, Nikki Usher and JungHwan Yang) will share their views on disinformation campaigns, liberal-conservative differences, polarization of the media, and more. The panel will conclude with a moderated Q&A. 

October 29, 2–3:30 pm • Register

Cristina Álvarez-Mingote • Center for Social and Behavioral Science

 This opportunity is available online.

Illinois International Week 2020: "IGI International Music & Dance"

Illinois International Week 2020: "IGI International Music & Dance" Monday, Oct 19th, 2020, 2:00- 3:00 PM (CDT) via Zoom. Luciano Antonio, Brazilian musician: His performance takes the audience on a tour of Brazil by presenting a wide variety of Brazilian compositions combined with his own originals. The Illinois Flamenco-Jazz Collective (IFJC): Guest artists guitarist David Chiriboga and dancer Mia Angela de Lourdes “La Malou". Register here.

October 19, 2–3 pm

Yu Chuan Shen • Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies

 This opportunity is available online.


Get Involved: Campus Student Elections Commission

The Campus Student Election Commission (CSEC) is currently recruiting members for the 20-21 academic year. The CSEC is an independent body of undergraduate, graduate, and  professional students that administers the  campus student elections and establishes and implements election rules and procedures. If you are interested in joining the CSEC, please submit an application at https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/6325565. Applications will be excepted until October 30, 2020.  

October 15–30 • Weekly October 15-October 30

Eugena Lee-Olukoya • Student Success and Engagement

Upcoming Events

Mini-Talks on the Economics of Sustainability

You're invited to the first ever Mini-Talks webinar from the Center for the Economics of Sustainability (https://ceos.illinois.edu) on October 28! Join us during the lunch hour for four bite-sized talks on cutting-edge research in sustainability economics. Register by October 26. 

October 28, 12–1 pm • Register by 10/26 • Online/Zoom

Isaac Wisthuff • Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics

 This opportunity is available online.

Are European Human Rights and Rule of Law in Crisis?

Join us for a virtual roundtable and discussion about different challenges to human rights and rule of law in contemporary Europe. Our speakers will address cases in Hungary, Turkey, France, Germany, and at the European Court of Human Rights. This event is part of the REEEC Critical Methods Series in Legal Studies, co-sponsored by the EUC, and will kick off a series of events that foreground and foster research on law and society in the REEEC area and beyond. 

October 27, 12 pm • Click here to register.

Tabitha Cochran • Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center and the European Union Center

 This opportunity is available online.

Christendom, Religious (In)Tolerance and the Birth of Europe

It is not uncommon to see Europe in the long term as the product of a ‘secularization’ of Christendom, and the rise of tolerance as the result of secular Enlightened thinking. However, secularization is a poor concept to approach the long term transition from (medieval) Christendom to modern concepts of Europe. Please join the EU Center for a lecture by Patrick Pasture, Professor of History at KU Leuven, on the concept of Christendom and its relevance for European history. Zoom info here.

October 21, 12 pm

Sydney Lazarus • European Union Center

 This opportunity is available online.

Frontiers in Miniature Brain Machinery Lecture: Taher Saif

The MBM Program continues its Frontiers in Miniature Brain Machinery lecture series for the Fall semester with Taher Saif, Professor of Mechanical Science & Engineering and Neuroscience at the University of Illinois. He will speak on “Miniature neuro-machinery with large potentials.” The lecture is free and open to the public on Zoom.

October 21, 4 pm

Anne McKinney • Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

 This opportunity is available online.

Pregame Sale at the Illini Union Bookstore

Illinois football opens up the Big Ten season under the Friday Night Lights at Wisconsin on October 23. We want all students to get ready for kickoff with a Pregame Sale that features FREE SHIPPING from the Illini Union Bookstore online store! The official bookstore of the University of Illinois has the latest Champion, Nike, and League apparel, along with great gifts and souvenirs. Get dressed in orange and blue and cheer on the Illini! 

October 16–23 • Illini Union Bookstore Online

Jessica Roedelbronn • Illini Union Bookstore

 This opportunity is available online.

China's Responsibility for COVID-19: Are Lawsuits the Answer?

Professor Chimène Keitner is a leading authority on international law and civil litigation, and served as the 27th Counselor on International Law in the U.S. Department of State. She has authored two books and dozens of articles, essays, and book chapters on questions surrounding the relationship among law, communities, and borders, including issues of jurisdiction, extraterritoriality, foreign sovereign and foreign official immunity, and the historical understandings underpinning current practice in these areas.

October 21, 12 pm • zoom

Maria Dorofeeva • Center for Global Studies

 This opportunity is available online.

Panel Featuring the 2020 International Achievement Award Recipients

The 2020 International Achievement Award Recipients will share their experiences and perspectives on global engagement and service in a panel event. The panel is free and open to the public; registration is required. Register here: https://go.illinois.edu/awards-panel-rsvp.

October 21, 10 am • Zoom

Marta Schneider • Illinois International

 This opportunity is available online.

Lecture: Nina Jankowicz, "How to Lose the Information War"

Nina Jankowicz, an expert in online disinformation, studies the intersection of democracy and technology in Central and Eastern Europe. Her writing has been published by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and others. She is a frequent television and radio commentator on disinformation and Russian and Eastern European affairs. 

October 20, 3:30 pm • Zoom

Stephanie Porter • Russian, East European and Eurasian Center

 This opportunity is available online.

Campus Sustainability Celebration

iSEE and F&S are excited to invite you to the Campus Sustainability Celebration 2020! This is an annual event that is especially exciting this year with the approval and signing ceremony of the Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) 2020, (which happens once every five years) as well as the presentation of energy conservation and Freezer Challenge awards. Everyone is invited to the event and encouraged to stay afterward for a social-hour!

October 20, 3 pm • Map

Meredith Moore • Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment

 This opportunity is available online.

Free CAII Webinar on Monday feat. NCSA Data Engineer Aaron Saxton

Zoom with us on Monday! NCSA's Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation is hosting a free fall seminar featuring our very own Data Engineer Aaron Saxton on a talk about "The Geometry of Data: An Interpretation of the Challenges of Training Models at Scale." Tune in and hear about intuitive tools that improve machine learning models and push the limits of scaling. The series runs every Monday until Nov. 27 and features speakers from both academia and industry. Attend weekly & learn how researchers leverage AI to advance research. More info + register here.

October 19, 11 am–12 pm • Every Monday until 11/27 | 11 a.m. - Noon • Zoom Webinar

Sophie Bui • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

 This opportunity is available online.

C3.ai DTI's FREE Workshop on Deep Learning, Interpretability, & Guarantees

C3.ai DTI's free workshop on the Analytical Foundations of Deep Learning: Interpretability & Performance Guarantees starts on Monday, 10/19, and ends Friday, 10/23. Attend & hear experts from UC Berkeley, John Hopkins, Penn, etc. discuss improving algorithm & architecture design to create new deep learning systems that offer robust & fair performance guarantees. Stream links + more info here. No workshop activities on Thursday, 10/22! Instead, attend our free colloquium feat. UC Berkeley Professor Jennifer Listgarten on Machine Learning-based Design of Proteins, Small Molecules, and Beyond. 

October 19–23, 11 am–4 pm • 10/19 - 10/21 & 10/23 | 11 AM - 4 PM, Daily • YouTube Live Stream

Sophie Bui • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

 This opportunity is available online.