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Announcements for the week of October 11, 2020


October 16 - Additional Capacity for Zoom Breakout Rooms

On Friday, October 16, at 1 AM CDT, Zoom will add additional capacity for Breakout Rooms. This change will increase the number of Breakout Rooms allowed during a meeting, and each Breakout Room will have a greater attendee capacity. Any in-progress meetings at 1 AM CDT (10/16) will automatically end and can be rejoined after the changes are made (~1 minute). No other meetings will be affected.

Technology Services • Office of the Chief Information Officer


Fall 2020 Degree List Deadline

Sunday, October 25, is the last day for students to add themselves to the December 2020 degree list via Student Self Service. It is also the last day for departments to add students not able to add themselves. If you intend to graduate in December, you must be on the degree list.

Matthew Abbott • Graduate College Administration

Fall 2020 Upcoming Registration Deadline

October 16 is the last day to drop a semester course online via Self-Service; and the last day to submit a form to add or drop a Part of Term A course with approval (a "W" is recorded).

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Fall 2020 Curriculum Changes

October 23 is the last day to change your curriculum for the current term. This includes adding or dropping a campus approved minor or concentration. Please check your student program information in Self-Service to verify your program information is listed correctly. Information on how to change your curriculum is available online

Admissions, Registration, & Enrollment Services • Graduate College

Funding and Fellowships

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowships

Is your research relevant to national defense? If so, you may want to look into the Dept of Defense's NDSEG Fellowship. The NDSEG aims to increase the number of US citizens and nationals who are trained in science and engineering disciplines of military importance, and the military's research interests are broad. Seniors and students in their 1st or 2nd year of graduate school are eligible. The fellowship offers three years of support, with a $38,400 annual stipend, $5,000 travel allowance, and full tuition coverage. For details, visit the NDSEG listing in the Fellowship Finder database.  

Applications are due November 2, 2020

Office of External Fellowships • Graduate College

Workshop: Writing Effective Fellowship Proposals in STEM

The ability to craft an effective funding proposal can reap a lifetime of rewards. As a graduate student, now is the time to hone your grantwriting proficiency. In this workshop, designed for students in STEM, you will learn how to identify funding opportunities, strategize the components of an effective proposal, and think like a grantwriter. Come with questions about this mysterious genre; leave with a template to help you become competitive for prestigious fellowships. Register through our calendar for the next session, to be held on Oct 12.

Monday, October 12, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

Ken Vickery • Graduate College Office of External Fellowships

 This opportunity is available online.

Health and Wellness

Distancing, Dating, & DV: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Join the Women's Resources Center this October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) as we continue working toward ending dating and domestic violence. This year’s theme, “Distancing, Dating, & DV” will focus our conversations on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic as we explore relationship and power dynamics. For a full list of sponsors and events, visit: go.illinois.edu/DVAM.

October 1–31

Jaya Kolisetty • Women's Resources Center

 This opportunity is available online.

GEL: Domestic Violence across Cultures and Dating Norms in U.S.

Let's talk about domestic violence across cultures internationally, and learn about the support systems and dating norms in the U.S. Register at the link above.

Wednesday, October 14, 7 - 8:30 pm CST

Yun Shi • OIIR International Education and Women's Resources Center

COV-Course: Health Inequities

During this week's session, you will hear about racial and ethnic disparities in COVID-19 and mortality rates. The course will discuss the racial trauma and other socio-structural factors that make individuals more susceptible to the disease and to developing a serious COVID-19 related illness. To conclude, the presentation will explore community-level and public policy strategies to mitigate these disparities. Dr. Gene Robinson, Dr. Ruby Mendenhall, and Dr. Christy Lleras will present this session. "Health Inequities" is part of the COV-Course happening every Sunday from 8-9 p.m. CT.

October 11, 8–9 pm • Every Sunday • Register

Cristina Álvarez-Mingote • Center for Social and Behavioral Science

 This opportunity is available online.

Weekly update on COVID-19 from Chancellor Jones

Chancellor Robert J. Jones provides university updates, announcements and resources from the past week. 

Chancellor Robert J. Jones • Office of the Chancellor

Career and Professional Development

Talking About Your Research

Whether it's for a job interview, a grant proposal, or just a chat with family, you'll need to be able to communicate your research to different people in different contexts. In this workshop, you'll learn strategies for talking about your work effectively with a variety of audiences and watch examples of skilled presenters at work.

October 14, 4–5:30 pm • Online

Student Success • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Presentation Skills for International Graduate Students

For support on your presentation skills in preparation for an oral defense or conference, check out this 7-week course, ESL 593 Academic Presentation Skills, designed to offer individualized feedback on your presentation style and provide you with authentic opportunities to practice. With the aim of creating and delivering compelling and professional presentations, students will practice orally explaining their research, adapting to different audiences, and giving and receiving feedback. Classes begin on October 20. Seating is limited.

October 20–December 8 • Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 - 10:50am or 11:00am - 12:20pm • Zoom

Illinois ESL Program • Department of Linguistics

 This opportunity is available online.

9 Lessons I Learned From My PhD Experience

Here are 9 lessons I learned from my PhD experience.  #1: Being intrinsically motivated rather than extrinsically motivated. #2: Shoot for the moon. Not to boost your ego, but because you genuinely want it. #3: Attention to details. But do not forget the bigger picture. #4: If you are doomed to fail, fail faster. #5: Communication, communication, communication! #6: Know how to use artificial intelligence. Also know when to use human intelligence. #7: Recognize the value of commitment. #8: Have an entrepreneurial mindset. #9: Take care of your mental well-being and remain physically active.

Chelsea Yu • Department of Finance

 This opportunity is available online.

Faculty Job Search: Applying to Postdocs

Considering a postdoctoral position after graduation? This workshop will explore reasons for pursuing a postdoc, how to find positions, application processes and strategies, and more.

October 15, 4–5 pm • Online

Student Success • Graduate College

 This opportunity is available online.

Thesis Tips

Remember to Back Up Your Files

Just a friendly reminder to back up your thesis files, including drafts, data, spreadsheets, pictures, and notes. You might consider signing up for Data Nudge through Research Data Service, which will send you monthly email reminders and tips for managing your research. While backing up files might seem like a tedious task, make sure to do so regularly so you don’t lose all of your hard work!

Emily Wuchner • Graduate College Thesis Office

Research and Teaching

Workshop: "Academic Social Networks: Curating Your Profile for Impact"

ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Academia.edu, ORCID, Mendeley, SSRN, Amazon Author Page, IDEALS, and Illinois Experts are just some of the scholarly collaboration networks you might be trying to manage. Learn to effectively use researcher profile systems and scholarly communications networks to increase the impact and visibility of your scholarship. Register for one of two upcoming sessions and check here for more Savvy Researcher workshops addressing advanced research needs across disciplines.

Scholarly Commons • Scholarly Commons, Main Library

 This opportunity is available online.

Data Nudge - Monthly Reminder to Manage Your Data

Want to manage your research data more proactively? Join the hundreds of people who have subscribed to receive monthly data management reminders that come with quick, easy tips designed by your local Research Data Service staff.

Hoa Luong • Research Data Service, University Library

Beckman Hosts Online Seminar on Research Ethics

Student researchers and postdocs are encouraged to register for the next Responsible Conduct of Research seminar sponsored by the Beckman Institute. Alison Kerr, a senior researcher of leadership and executive development in the National Center for Professional & Research Ethics, will discuss professional research ethics. Registration is required for Zoom access.

October 13, 12 pm • Online

Patty Jones • Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

 This opportunity is available online.

Writers Workshop Productivity Writing Groups

Looking for a productivity boost? Join the Writers Workshop for sustained writing in the company of your colleagues from across the disciplines. Our virtual writing group aims to provide community and accountability. Each session begins with a short conversation about goals and ends with a wrap-up of accomplishments. Our Fall Semester writing groups will be held on Zoom every Friday and every other Monday and Tuesday. Please visit our calendar to register in advance

Online (Zoom)

Carolyn Wisniewski • Writers Workshop

 This opportunity is available online.

Writing with Style: Revising Paragraphs and Sentences

At this presentation, the Writers Workshop will provide strategies for polishing your writing at the paragraph and sentence-level to achieve more reader-friendly and powerful prose. We recommend that you have a current in-progress piece of writing to practice applying strategies during the workshop. This event will be held through Zoom; please visit our calendar to register in advance

October 13, 3–4:30 pm • Online (Zoom)

Carolyn Wisniewski • Writers Workshop

 This opportunity is available online.

For Families

Family Art Show - Enter by Oct 16

Calling all graduate student families! To celebrate Graduate Student Appreciation Week, the Graduate College and the Krannert Art Museum are partnering to host a Family Art Show. And we need your help! Illinois graduate students are incredible. Solving complex problems faster than a supercomputer, leaping multiple projects in a single bound, with creativity that is a marvel to behold. We invite family members (children, siblings, nieces/nephews, etc.) to create artwork about our Illinois Graduate Student Superheroes that will be showcased on the Krannert Art Museum website. 

Charlotte Bauer • Graduate College and Krannert Art Museum

Arts and Culture

Dish It Up | Comanches in Cinema

Join us for a very special Dish It Up in honor of Indigenous People's Day and co-hosted with The Native American House! We will be joined by Dr. Dustin Tahmahkera (Comanche), and he will be presenting his work on representations of Native and Indigenous people in the media and how understanding this can lead to a more nuanced understanding of other contemporary issues. 

October 12, 12–1 pm • Zoom

Clare Conway • Women's Resources Center, Native American House

 This opportunity is available online.

Is Gender Equality Accelerating or Shutting Down?

The state of gender equality is changing at a fast pace. What are valuable parameters to identify progress in gender equality? How can perspectives on gender equality from Brussels and a U.S. research university help us look at the evolution of questions of rights? This panel will bring together Maria Gabriela Zoana (Romanian Former Member of the European Parliament), Helga Varden (Professor of Philosophy), and Isabel Molina-Guzmán (Professor of Latina/Latino Studies) to explore how politics and academia can come together to advance gender equality. Register here

October 16, 12 pm

Sydney Lazarus • European Union Center

 This opportunity is available online.

Upcoming Events

“A Great Conversation” with President Freeman A. Hrabowski III

Freeman Hrabowski, the president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and a national leader in academic innovation and inclusive excellence, will join University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Robert J. Jones for the first installment of the “A Great Conversation” series. The event will be livestreamed Monday, Oct. 12 at go.illinois.edu/AGreatConversation from 11 a.m. to noon.

Office of the Chancellor • University of Illinois

 This opportunity is available online.

Upcoming C3.ai DTI Colloquium Series in October

Join C3.ai DTI for free Digital Transformation Science seminars hosted on Zoom every Thurs. at 3 p.m. Featuring talks from researchers & scientists who accelerate AI to mitigate COVID-19. Upcoming talks for October | 10/15: Gerbrand Cedar, UC Berkeley on COVIDScholar: An NLP Hub for COVID-19 Research Literature; 10/22: Jennifer Listgarten, UC Berkeley on Machine Learning-based Design of Proteins, Small Molecules, and Beyond; 10/29: Emmanuel Candès, Stanford on Reliable Predictions? Counterfactual Predictions? Equitable Treatment? Some Recent Progress in Predictive Inference. Register here!

October 15–29, 3–4 pm • Every Thursday @ 3 PM on Zoom • Zoom Event

Sophie Bui • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

 This opportunity is available online.

NCSA 2019-2020 Faculty Fellows Final Presentations

We invite you to join us on Friday, October 16, 12:30-2 p.m. for 2019-2020 NCSA Faculty Fellows hosted on Zoom. Over the last year, faculty fellows leveraged NCSA's advanced digital resources and expertise to accelerate various research projects, including predicting the international food crisis and examining the global spread of medical misinformation. Learn more about the dynamic research conducted at NCSA and Illinois. We hope to see you there! 

October 16, 12:30–2 pm • Zoom Event

Sophie Bui • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

 This opportunity is available online.

NCSA CAII Free Fall Webinar on Mon. 10/12 w/ NVIDIA Researcher Wonmin Byeon

Join CAII at 11:00 a.m. on Monday via Zoom & hear from NVIDIA Researcher Wonmin Byeon on a talk about Convolutional Tensor-Train LSTM for Spatio Temporal Learning. Hear how Byeon leverages AI to address challenging video tasks for prediction and longterm forecasting. The series spans Sep. 14 - Nov. 27 and features speakers from both academia and industry. Attend weekly and learn how researchers use AI & collaboration to advance research to impact society & the world. Register here!

October 12, 11 am–12 pm • Every Monday, 9/14 - 11/27, 11 a.m. - Noon via Zoom • Zoom Event

Sophie Bui • National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

 This opportunity is available online.

Eric T. Freyfogle, "Water, Community, and the Culture of Owning"

Professor Freyfogle is the author or editor of a dozen books dealing with issues of humans and nature, some focused on legal aspects, others reaching to larger cultural and social issues. In this talk he will explore why American legal and cultural systems of water use and ownership make it so difficult to face climate change and other environmental challenges.

October 14, 12 am–1 pm • zoom

Maria Dorofeeva • Center for Global Studies

 This opportunity is available online.

Women in Science Lecture Series: Dr. Carla Desi-Ann Hunter

Join us for the University of Illinois Archives’ monthly Women in Science Lecture. Dr. Carla Desi-Ann Hunter, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Cultural Heritage and Racial Identity Lab will discuss her research on ethnic minority psychology, specifically related to identity and well-being in the United States. Please register to receive the zoom link.

October 13, 12–1 pm

Kristen Allen • Library

 This opportunity is available online.

We Rise: An Abolition Series

This series aims to explore the history and progression of abolitionist efforts, the interconnectedness of abolition work across communities, and opportunities to civically engage in this arena further

October 13–27, 1–2 pm • October-13- October 27, 1-2PM, Every Tuesday in October • Map

Eduardo Martinez • Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations

 This opportunity is available online.